Rabbi Duckez, Altona and "Famous" Viennese Rabbinical Family #rabbinic

Alan Ehrlich

Forty years ago, while consulting various books or articles by Rabbi
Ducukez in the library, my father z"l made a note to himself:

"Great grandmother: born HERTZ >from Altona (Duckez)
According to Duckez she descends >from a famous rabbinical family
originating out of Vienna."

(Background Information: The above referenced great grandmother is Betty
"Bella" Hertz born in Altona 1777 (according to family information). or
between 1778/1779 (as per 1803 Altona census). She was married to Moses
Josua b. 1766 Hainsfarth b/ Edingen [Oettingen] im Ries Bavaria)

Two questions about which I'd be extremely grateful for your expertise:

1. Which of Rabbi Duckez's books or articles might my father have been
referring to? Possibly it was in general about the persons living in Altona
during the early 19th century, or about Jews in the 1803 Altona census, etc.
Because Duckez - according to my father's note - also mentions there that
Betty Hertz's brother, Neuman Hertz, was "Royal Danish Shipper" and living
in Altona ( Koenigl. Daenischer Spediteur).

2. Which Viennese rabbinical family might Duckez have been referring to?
Either Betty Hertz's father (whose name is unknown except for HERTZ (given
name or surname?). or Betty Hertz's mother would have had roots in Vienna.
Notwithstanding they lived in Altona by the time Betty Hertz was born circa

Thank you.

Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

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