Elazar LIPSZYC or LIPSCHUETZ in Piotrkow Trybunalski #rabbinic

Simon Srebrny <srebrny@...>

I would be extremely grateful if somebody could take a look at the
photo of a tombstone in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland, that I have
posted to ViewMate.

The inscription is in Hebrew, and my Hebrew is still not good enough
for me to be able to read it properly.

I think it is the tombstone of my 4G-grandfather Elazar LIPSZYC. That
name is certainly visible there. He is described in the top horizontal
line as HaTsadik HaKharif, but not as Rav.

A transcription or a translation would make me very happy! I know it
is a lot of work, so a summary with key data would be fine too.

Here is the photo:

Please respond via the form within ViewMate.

If anybody would care to discuss the LIPSZYC family in greater
detail, then write to me!

Many thanks in advance.

Simon Srebrny

(>from London, living in Berlin)


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