Paltiel #rabbinic

Roberta Sheps

My maternal grand-father's family was not known (at least in my mother's
generation) for being particularly religious, despite being Kohanim.
Indeed, the only time I recollect seeing either of my maternal grandparents
in shul was for my wedding. However, I have just come across a small fact
that suggests that my maternal great-grandfather's family may have been more
devout that I thought. My grandfather had a brother named, in English,
Phillip. The family came >from Talno, which was the site of an important
Yeshiva. An account by a woman who I always thought was embroidering the
story, said that the family were among the "highest of rabbis". Some years
ago my mother told me that she thought Phillip had been named Paltiel, after
the ship on which they travelled to Canada. Those of you who are much more
learned that I am will, of course, recognise Paltiel as being a name that
occurs in Numbers, a fact which I have just learned. And someone who knows
a lot more about ships than I do, said that he couldn't think of any ship
called "The Paltiel".

My questions are, was Paltiel a name that was reserved to Kohanim, and if
not, how common a name was it?

Many thanks,

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

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