Shimon of Jaroslaw #rabbinic

Heshel Teitelbaum

Dear fellow RavSIGers:

Shimon of Yaroslav (1758-1849) was a Chassidic leader in early 19th
century Poland. I am looking for anyone who descends >from Shimon of
Yaroslav via his first wife (name unknown). No need for documentary
evidence. Just family lore for the descent. Although Shimon (and
his sons >from the second marriage) were known by the surname MARILES,
we cannot rule out that he used a different surname while he was
having children during his first marriage. I am also trying to find
out the name of his first wife (even if it is just the given name).
Shimon's biographies are not informative on these issues.

Thank you.

Heshel Teitelbaum
Ottawa, Canada

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