Re: Horowitz genealogy back to Spain #rabbinic

E. Randol Schoenberg

I was informed by Reuben Gross that the Horowitz genealogy legend
first appeared in Shnei Luchot Habrit of Isaiah Horowitz (Shelah)
published posthumously by his son in Amsterdam in 1648, 140 years
after the first known members of the family died in Prague. See
I think you can download the book >from . I haven't
figured out the page yet where the Yichus is located. Yehuda Gross
says he could not find it in Shelah and that the first source is
printed in 1889, in the notes by Rabbi Chanoch Traube in Megillot
Yichusin L'Maharal M'Prag. Maybe someone else can help me find
these reference as I am afraid my Hebrew is not good enough.

Randy Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

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