Re: Horowitz genealogy back to Spain #rabbinic

Josephine Levin <josephine9762@...>

Re; Ish Horowitz descent >from Rabbi Benveniste this is given in the
Hebrew book "Shemen HaTov" by Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke ben Tzvi Hirsh
halevi Ish Horowitz of Nicholsburg 1726-1778. It is available for
free download >from Hebrew books:

In fact he traces the yichus much further back than Rabbi Benveniste
of Barcelona.

I am a direct descendant of Rabbi Pinchas Halevi Ish Horowitz of
Krakow who was married to Miriam Beyla bat R. Israel Isserles (sister
of the ReMa).
Josephine Levin - Jerusalem
Researching Ticktin/Tyckocinsky, Ish Horowitz, Margoliot, Rokeach,
Isserles, Harif, Rashi, Rittenberg, Goldstein, Eisenstein, Lipkin

From: "E. Randol Schoenberg" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 13:00:41 -0800

Can anyone point me to the source for the genealogy of the founder
of the Horowitz dynasty Yeshaya Halevi Horowitz (1465 Horovice -
1517 Prague) back to Pinhas Halevi Benbenisti (b. 1235) in Barcelona?
Everywhere I look you find this tree and the source is "tradition,"
but where is the first mention of this path?

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