Re: Horowitz genealogy back to Spain #rabbinic

Joseph Gilad <sujo1@...>

This is part of my wife's genealogy which I recently worked out, using My
Heritage and Geni.

We have known that Sue's GGGG-Father was Yehuda Leib Rapaport (The Shir).
Recently we found his wife and her ancestry in the Heller- Kahana tree,
which one can find on Geni etc. And this leads back to Isaias Horowitz,
(1465 1517) founder of the Horowitz family. And the male line can be found
in Geni or My Heritage going back to Benvenisti HaLevi in Barcelona 1170-
1230. I followed the male line back to 1005, and I could not find a male
ancestor there, so I went down the tree found a wife who was named (most
are not) and she took be way back, into the Jewish dynasties who were
appointed leaders (known as Exilarchs), and they can be followed all the
way back to Babylon, and before that to Judea and the kings of Israel.
It is all available in the data bases, and assuming there are no errors in
there , my wife's 100th, ancestor was Melech Shlomo. One should be able to
do likewise in

Joe Gilad, Netanya.

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