Krakow - Pinkas "Hevra Kadisha" #rabbinic

Yaron Pedhazur

Dear fellow researchers,

I am looking for information on the pinkas of the "hevra kadisha" of

This "pinkas" was for centuries a main genealogical source for
Krakow's genealogists and historians, e.g. Balaban, Wetstein,
Friedberg, Dembitzer.

In an appendix to his book on the Jewish community of Krakow, Meir
Balaban mentions that the pinkas was kept in a good shape, and was
handled by the EICHHORN family, probably until WWII.

I would appreciate any info on this pinkas -- has it survived the war,
and if so, where is it located now ? are there any copies or notes
made except of the published writings of the authors mentioned
above ? etc.

Best regards,

Yaron Pedhazur
Tel Aviv, Israel

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