Re: Horowitz Origin Myth(?) #rabbinic

Jeffrey Mark Paull

In regard to the "Horowitz Origin Myth(?)" post, it contained the
following statements: "The DNA evidence, however, points to separate
origins. The historic Epsteins' Y-DNA haplogroup is R-L408. The
historic Horowitzes' Y-DNA haplogroup is downstream >from R-512.
These Horowitzes belong to a genetic cluster that accounts for about
one half of all Ashkenazi Levites."

In regard to these statements, I was wondering if the "historic"
Epstein and Horowitz descendants that these statement refer to were
pedigreed rabbinical descendants with documented paper trails.
Through my experience of conducting Y-DNA surname studies, I have
often found that the haplogroup of non-pedigreed descendants does not
match the haplogroup of pedigreed descendants. There are many reasons
for this, including surname adoptions by males marrying into the
rabbinical line, among others.

I was also wondering which genetic cluster the Horowitzes belong to
that "accounts for about one half of all Ashkenazi Levites."

All the Best,

Jeffrey Mark Paull

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