Searching for Descendants of R' Raphael of Bershad #rabbinic

Susan Steeble

I am participating in a genetic genealogy study which aims to identify
the Y-DNA genetic signature of my ancestor, Rebbe Raphael of Bershad
(~1751-1827), a spiritual leader in the early days of Chassidism and a
disciple of Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz. The leaders of the study are two
experts in the field, Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull and Dr. Jeffrey Briskman,
who have published many pioneering Y-DNA studies of rabbinical
lineages. We are trying to identify male patrilineal descendants of R'
Raphael for Y-DNA testing. We have enrolled several participants in
the study and are seeking others to join our project.

Some surnames that may be associated with R' Raphael's descendants
LERMAN, MARCHOSKY, MARCHOVSKY, and MONDRIK, but other surnames and
variants are possible. The family originated in Bershad, Ukraine.

If you, or a male relative, have any knowledge of descent >from R'
Raphael and would be willing to take a Y-DNA test, or make previous
test results available to our project, please contact me at
ssteeble@.... FamilyTreeDNA offers our project a substantial
discount on Y-DNA test kits. If you wish to participate in our study,
I would be happy to provide details.

Let me just add that our project team is not employed by
FamilyTreeDNA, and that we all work strictly on a volunteer basis. Our
goal is to provide a benefit to the Jewish community, and the
scientific community in general, by determining the genetic profile of
my ancestor, and by identifying previously unknown descendants from
different branches of the family.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

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