Rabbi Yitzchak DON YICHYE and Rabbi Yittzhak SHOTZER #rabbinic

Jennifer Wiebe <jlwiebe@...>

I'm looking for information on two rabbis, who were the sons-in-law of
Rabbi Avraham MEDNITSKY, son of R'Matisyahu MEDNITSKY, rabbi of Byten.
R'Avraham MEDNITSKY was the Rabbi in Antopole and mentioned in Pinkas
Latvia on page 72.

the first son-in-law is Rabbi Yitzchak DON YICHYE was the son of Rabbi
Ben Zion DON YICHYE and is mentioned in the book Yahadut Lativa on
page 381.

Rabbi Yittzhak SHOTZER is R'Avraham MEDNITSKY's other son-in-law.

Jennifer Wiebe

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