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I am looking for any information about the ancestors of my
great-grandfather Yitzhak Rivkind (Halperin), son of Meir HALPERIN.
Yitzhak was born in Koidanov around 1878 and according to multiple
sources was a descendent of Rabbi Yechiel Halperin (Seder Hadorot).

I am trying to find how Yitzhak was connected to Seder Hadorot. The
two sources I have for this connection are stories that my grandmother
told me and a handwritten memoir which Yitzhak wrote. In that memoir
Yitzhak wrote about his rabbinical studies under his teacher and
relative, Rabbi Chaim Segalovitz, son of Yechiel Moshe. Rabbi Chaim
was born in 1844.

In his book, "Makor Chaim", Rabbi Chaim Segalovitz mentions that he is
a descendent of Seder Hadorot, but he does not remember exactly what
the connection is ( see page 6 of the book at
http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=279&pgnum=6 ).

The other rabbinical student studying with Yitzhak was Rabbi Chaim's
son Reb Yakov (Jacob) Meir who later became the chief Rabi of Brussels
and when WWII started went to New York.

This is in essence all I have to work with. I have some extra
information about the Segalovitz family below, but I am doubt that it
will help much:

The Segalovitz family originates >from the Minsk area. The father of
Rabbi Chaim was the chief Rabi of Rubezhevichi (see here and here)
which was 58 Km >from Minsk and 20 Km >from Koidanov.

In http://www.otzar.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12486 there is
some data about Rabbi Chaim.

The young son of Reb Chaim was Yakov Meir who wrote the book "Me'a'sef
Drushei". The first page of his book is at
http://www.hebrewbooks.org/33095 .

Reb Yakov (Jacob) Meir became the chief Rabi of Brussels and when WWII
started he went to New York. The picture in

[or http://tinyurl.com/z9lolag --Mod.]

shows Rabbi Jacob Meir Sagalowitch, wife Bluma Borishansky
Sagalowitch, and grandson Joel Sagall in front of Kehillat Yaakov (The
Carlebach Shul) in New York City.

Gideon Intrater

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