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Stephen Denker

A respondent in Jerusalem replied: "There are two sections on each
page of Gvurot He'ari. The main text (in the second edition it is in
Hebrew block type, not Rashi), is larger and covers the basic Epstein
family tree. The lower text (and also Rashi script in the second
edition) is smaller and consists of numbered footnotes, referring to
the numbers (i.e. Hebrew numbers represented by letters) marked in the
main text, and giving more details about the individuals mentioned in the
main text. Some of the more lengthy footnotes run over in the the next
page or several pages."

I have a reprint of the first edition.

Famous in his generation, our teacher the pious exile Avraham ben Meir
HaLevy Epstein, Av Beit Din [head judge of the community Jewish court]
in the holy kehillah of Brisk in Lita [Lithuania] descendant of the great
Gaon, Rabbi of all the Diaspora famous in his generation -- our Teacher
Rabbi Nathan HaLevy Epstein (who is mentioned many times in the responsa
of Maharam Mintz), one of the sons of the Gaon Aharon HaLevy >from
Barcelona (known as the Ra'ah) [putative Benveniste ancestor of HaLevy
Epsteins], author of Sefer HaChinuch and Sefer Bedek HaBayit (43), the
son of Yosef ben Benveniste ben Zerachiah (known as the Baal Ha-Maor), the
son of Yitzchok ben Zerachiah.

Stephen Denker
Brookline, MA
Searching HaLevy Epsteins

Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 5:32:53 AM

I am interested in the Epstein genealogy published in Gvurot He'ari by
Efrayim Mordechai Epstein in 1888. He documented Epstein ancestry back
to the mid-17th Century. According to the gentleman who translated the
ViewMate Rashi Hebrew text on pages 23-24, the material on each page has
three *entirely* separate sections -- one in large type, one in medium
type and one in small type *and* to understand the text one must read
the *same* size font text sections of each sequential page.

Is he correct? Why is this custom used?

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