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Claudia Bullock <cbulloc8@...>

Below is a copy of an announcement >from the Jewish Chronicle from
1905, about the death of my 2nd great grandmother (my grandmother's
grandmother) Mrs. Eva Leah Spero, whose father, Moses Katzenellenbogen
was the last in a line of 17 generations of Chief Rabbis! My problem
is that I'm really having trouble figuring out how to trace this
lineage back any further than Moses Katzenellenbogen himself, who was
the very end of the line (due to Eva Leah being his only child). I
cannot for the life of me figure out who his parents would have been.
All of the information I have is what appears in the attached death
announcement. My aunt had this on her wall, and I took a picture of
it with my phone. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

"We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Eva Leah Spero, widow of the
late Reverend Wolfe Marcus Spero, which occurred on Saturday at the
residence of her son, Reverend Emanuel Spero, of the Central
Synagogue. Mrs. Spero was the only child of the late Moses
Katzenellenbogen who was appointed Chief Rabbi of Krementchug, South
Russia, early in the Nineteenth Century. He was the last of a line of
seventeen consecutive generations of Chief Rabbis, all famous for
their Learning. A large number of their books are in the library of
the British Museum, and Mrs. Spero's father was the author of:

"Hamburg 105L (...) "Talmudic Index"
"Frankfort on Main 1853 (,..) "Talmudic Index"
"Frankfort on Main 1857 (...) "Stettin 1864"

Mrs. Spero was very proud of her lineage, and she was a very amiable,
studious, and thoroughly good woman. A daughter was married to the
Reverend Lionel Geffen of the West End Synagogue, other children are
Mr. Isaac Spero of Portsmouth, and Mrs C. Aarons of New York."

Jewish Chronicle
London England

Claudia Bullock

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