Re: 17 Generations of Chief Rabbis #rabbinic

Kevin L. Dixler <kd@...>

If the Rabbi became a British Subject, then it should be on his
British naturalization record. This may be kept with the courts or
some other agency. It is unclear whether this record is now online.

Kevin L. Dixler
Attorney at Law

From: Claudia Bullock <cbulloc8@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 07:16:29 -0600

Below is a copy of an announcement >from the Jewish Chronicle from
1905, about the death of my 2nd great grandmother (my grandmother's
grandmother) Mrs. Eva Leah Spero, whose father, Moses Katzenellenbogen
was the last in a line of 17 generations of Chief Rabbis! My problem
is that I'm really having trouble figuring out how to trace this
lineage back any further than Moses Katzenellenbogen himself, who was
the very end of the line (due to Eva Leah being his only child). ...

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