Seeking information about Rabbi Naphtali ben Abraham from Danzig #rabbinic

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Seeking information about Rabbi Naphtali ben Abraham, probably died
1801 in Danzig. There is some evidence he was not living in Danzig
(suburbs) in 1773 and it's possible he was born elsewhere. His known
or suspected children: 1) he had a daughter Guettel/Jette (c. 1784 - 6
Apr 1831, Koenigsberg) who was the last wife (of at least three) of
the cantor Salomon Mendel (Emanuel) of Koenigsberg (c. 1742 - 25 Jul
1812, Koenigsberg), marrying him c. 1797; 2) he might have had a son
or son-in-law named Nachmann Moses or Nachum Moses (b. c. 1782), who
came to Danzig >from Fordon during 1807-1809; 3) he might have had a
son Rabbi Gerson Naphtali NATHAN (1775, Danzig - 25 Dec 1850,
Copenhagen), whose son Joel NATHAN was the author of "Vokabularium zum
Pentateuch Torah"; 4) if and only if 3 is true, then he also had a son
Meyer Naphtali NATHAN (12 Jan 1793 - 13 Jan 1858, Danzig).

Any information about rabbis named Naphtali ben Abraham who could fit
the above would be greatly appreciated. I hope to learn more about
him >from upcoming archival research on late 18th/early 19th c. Danzig

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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