Shlomo Zalman ben Shmuel BARASZ/BRASZ #rabbinic


Hello all,

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me any of the details of the
life or genealogy of Shlomo Zalman BARASZ/BRASZ. His grave in Warsaw
says that he died in 1879 in Warsaw and was known as Shlomo Czyzewer
(because he was >from Czyzew, a small town north of Warsaw). No age is
given, but he lived to be a known rabbi, so I doubt he was born after
1840, but could have been more like 1800.

His father, Shmuel, was >from Myszynca, a nearby town. I'm afraid I know
nothing else about them. I do know that the surname essentially means
"Ben Reb/Rav [Hebrew give name with Sh blend]", so this seems to be
referring to Shlomo's father, Shmuel. Or, it could refer to some further
back ancestor.

I'm interested because I descend >from Iztik ben Shmuel BRASZ (sometimes
spelled BARASZ) of Ciechanow. Itzik was likely born in the late 1700's,
and probably Shmuel was born around 1770. I do not know of any connection
between this family and the rabbi mentioned in the previous paragraph,
but I thought I'd check it out to see if there is any connection.

Please reply to me privately with genealogical specifics, but you can
reply to the group if you have some general suggestions.

Thank you.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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