Trying to confirm claim on my great grandfather's headstone: Solomon ZEILINGOLD #rabbinic


My great grandfather was born Shlomo ben Aharon in Pinsk in 1858. When
he immigrated to the U.S. in 1903, he was Solomon ZEILINGOLD. He died
in 1916 in Schenectady, NY. On his headstone, it states: "Here is
buried a righteous and honest man knowledgeable in Torah and fearful
of God -- our father Shlomo the son of Aaron -- a great grandchild of
the Rabbinical Genius [unreadable word] (May His Memory Be Blessed)
from Russia. He died on the 22nd of the month of Av the Year 5677.
May His Soul Be Remembered Among The Living."

On a note written on a family tree generated by a family member, it
states that the family descends ">from the 'TaZ', David Ben Samuel
Ha-Levi, Ukrainian rabbi 1586-1667, great grandson of Hagoen
(Rabbinical scholars) >from Karlin."

I recently received a family tree generated by the Jewish History
Research Group in Belarus which provided me with the following
information on the ZEYLINGOLD family >from shtetl Karolin:

My great grandfather Shlioma was born in 1858. His father was Aron,
born in 1820 and mother was Malka, born in 1823, the daughter of
Pinkhus. Aron's father was Isser (1786-1852) and mother was Chasha
(1790-died before 1855). Isser's father was Shlioma who died before

With this information, might anyone know how to figure out >from which
Karliner rabbi my great grandfather descends, and is there any way to
discover how our family might be related to the TaZ? I am happy to
forward the tree generated by JHRG as well as a photo of my great
grandfather's headstone.

Any and all information or anything that can point me in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Phil Gold
Great grandson of Solomon ZEILINGOLD

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