Marton family in Toronto #rabbinic


Trying to make contact with the family of Toronto David Martosh (Leo
Baeck School teacher in Toronto, his brother Toronto Solicitor Michael
Martosh and their sister Dr Anita Martosh (family practice), children
of Endre (Andrew) Martosh, son of Bertalan Eisenberger, son of Szerena
(Szali), born in Olaszliszka in 1867 and died in Oradea in 1947,
married Salomon Eisenberger, son of Leonora (Leni/Leah), born in Mad
in 1847 and died in Nagykereki in 1889, married Berko (Bernat/Baruch)
Fajerlicht (Feuerlicht), born in 1840, lived in Olaszliszka, daughter
of Joshua Asher Zelig (Zsigmond/Sigmund) Planer (who descended from
the Horowitz family).

Neil Rosenstein

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