Family of Rivka, daughter of Menachem Mendel TEITELBAUM, Admor Gorlice #rabbinic

Jay Lenefsky

Dear One and All:

I am looking for information about Rabbi Menachem Mendel TEITELBAUM
Admor Gorlice. I searched both in Hebrew and in English on the
internet and didn't find any information about him other than he is
listed on Geni.

It is my understanding that a daughter of his, Rivka was married
(second marriage) to Chaim Yosef Eichenstein, the Ukliver Rebbe.

Who was Rivka's first husband? Rivka had a son >from her first
marriage, Avraham Aharon. During WWII this Avraham Aharon was living
with his mother and stepfather in Munkacz, and the Hungarian
authorities deported him to Poland. Does anyone know What happened
to him?

All the best,

Jay Lenefsky -Israel

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