The Rabbi of Wolbrom's Daughter #rabbinic

RC Klein <yeshivish@...>

I am trying to figure out an excerpt >from the Yizkor book about the
town of Wolbrom (near Krakow) in Poland in the section which discusses
the town's rabbi, my ancestor, Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi Segal. This excerpt
alludes to some sort of controversy over the rabbi's daughter Tovah
and the identity of her husband, but does not spell out what's going
on nor provide any citations for the controversy.
Does anybody know where I can find out more information about this?
The full page and the entire book can be accessed via the NY Public
Library's digital collections at this page:
As far as I know, my gggg-grandfather Binyamin Eliezer UNGAR-AUERBACH
married a daughter of Rabbi Yaakov Segal, but I don't know her name or
anything else about him, except that his son was Rabbi Reuven Chaim
KLEIN who served as a rabbi in Davidkoff (near Muncasz), Hungary.
Thank you very much for your help.

Reuven Chaim Klein
Beitar Illit, Israel

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