ZOLDAN-WEISS, Satmar Rebbe, R. Yoel Teitlebaum, Yismach Moshe #rabbinic

David Zoldan


My relative is Yaakov Shmuel Zoldan (circa 1850-60 until 1920).

He married Hendel Weiss who was known to be a "cousin" of the Satmar
Rebbe, Rabbi Yoel Teitlebaum.

I have been researching together with some cousins who are descendants
of Hendel Weiss Zoldan. We believe the connection can be traced back
to the ancestor of Rabbi Yoel Teitlebaum who was named Tzvi Hirsch
(Schiff) Teitlebaum.

from Tzvi Hirsh's first wife was born a son named Rabbi Moshe
Teitlebaum, well known as the "Yismach Moshe".

from Tzvi Hirsh's second wife was a daughter named Sara who married
Menachem Weiss. We believe it is likely that these are the
grandparents or great grandparents of Hendel Weiss Zoldan.

Sara and Menachem Weiss had a son Efraim Weiss born 1812 and a son
Herman Armin (Tzvi) as well as an additional child. We believe our
Hendel Weiss Zoldan is likely a daughter (or granddaughter) of either
Efraim Weiss or Herman Armin Tzvi Weiss or another unknown brother.

Does anybody have any additional information or any idea where to turn
to regarding this Weiss family. We believe we have exhausted the well-
known genealogy sites.

Thank you in advance for any lead or information,

David Zoldan
Researcher # 382214

Researching -- Zoldan, Weissberger, Shlezinger, Steinberg, many others
in the Carpathians
Bienenfeld, Einbinder, Chesner, Rozenknopf, Sowa, many other in Poland

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