The APOTHEKER-LANDAU Connection in Nowy Sacz A Breakthrough #rabbinic

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Siggers,

I am glad to update you that after a long journey of more that six
years we manged to solve one of our family's mysteries.

Along the way I committed several unnecessary mistakes and omissions
but with the help and the professionalism of the SIGs members I was
guided in the right avenue. The only fact we knew was that my wife's
great grandfather Isac Saul APOTHEKER was born in 1831 in Nowy Sacz
and married a certain Lea LANDAU around 1850. There are no BMD s for
this early period and of course LANDAU is a huge tribe. It was only
after an unknown descendant of the APOTHEKER family provided me
with a reference >from a Rabbinical literature indicating that Isac
Saul married with the grand daughter of Rabbi Baruch SEGA"L LANDA who
was the Av Beth Din of Nowy Sacz and environs. Another experienced
Sigger with a sharp eye found out in Geni an entry for Rabbi Baruch
Ha Levi LANDAU and his son Judah Leib Ha Levi LANDAU. Comparison of the
given names of the children confirms the pattern of lineage in both
families. Other Siggers provided useful suggestions and further
reference to Rabbinical literature and discussion groups in Yiddish.

Thank you all!!!

Annette and Jacob Rosen

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