Re: Rivers in Romania #romania


I don't know about the Milkov River, but the Dneister
(or you might see it spelled Nistre, Nistru) is in eastern Moldova --
the area formerly known as Bessarabia, now mostly Republic of Moldova,
was once part of Romania, then USSR >from 1940 until its independence in
1991 -- Bessarabia/Moldova is essentially the slice of land between the
rivers Prut (to the west) and Dneister.

If you have heard of Moldva's territorial problems, a sort of civil
conflict still going on in this nation that has historically been pulled
between east and west, the "self-proclaimed" republic of Transdneister
Transnistr, Transnistria) begins on the east bank of River Dneister
(includes the city of Tiraspol, formerly Bendery) to the border with
Ukraine, while the capital of Moldova remains Chisinau (formerly Kishinev)
on the Byk (Bak, Bug) River in the middle of the country.

Deborah Schafer
Massachusetts, USA
---SCHAFER or SCHAFERS, Romania/Moldova/Bessarabia (Falesti, Odobesti?)
---RAPOPORT, Bessarabia

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