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Rosanne D. Leeson <leeson1@...>

Below is my reply to message sent to me by Dr. Robert Sherins regarding
the inability of the ROM-SIG to use the lists obtained >from Prof.
Gyemant for a JewishGen database. He had been commissioned only for
lists >from the 1850's.

As a result, I was able to determine my ancestry, by patronymic linkage, back to my 5th great grandfather and his descendants. After 1860, the records contained legal surnames. The results were spectacular and my database of individuals, which included siblings and children, was simply fabulous.>
Briefly he has stated his success in getting individual family records
with the assistance of a researcher, and then being able to work
backward to the lists that contain only the patronyms. As I explained in
my earlier message JewishGen does not permit lists with patronyms only,
as their search engine uses Family Names. This did not relate to doing
individual family research using a professional researcher.

If any others are confused I hope that this will clarify matters for
Dear Robert,

Yes, what you describe as information for your family documents is
certainly obtainable. However, the type of lists which we obtained
from Prof. Gyemant, are not usable for a JewishGen database, as clearly
stated in my note to the List. They will not permit us to use any
material of this type.

There are many individual family records that can be obtained by means
of a professional researcher. This is what we recommend to our members
who inquire, and why we have a list of researchers used by our members.
This is not what goes onto a database however. We are not
talking about individual research here.

I myself have one database of nearly 5000 names, going back to the
mid-1600's in another country, using the techniques you describe. But,
this is not the kind of information that goes onto a JewishGen database,

Rosanne Leeson
Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA USA

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