Genealogical Diary of Geza SIMON of Nagyvarad (1901) #romania


Dear Fellow Genealogist,

I just posted an important historical document on my genealogical website: the genealogical diary of my grandmother's Uncle Geza written in 1901:

Geza SIMON was a hussar in the Hungarian Calvary who lived in Nagyvarad and later in Budapest. Developing an early interest in genealogy, he traces the SIMON family back to Saros county in 1770. Geza tells of how his father surrepetitiously taught himself to read and write late at night against the wishes of his orthodox parents to later become principal of the Auspitz school in Nagyvarad. Geza goes on to tell tales of simple pleasures and the tragedies of the SIMON family caught in revolutions, Emperial wars and the conflict between the Hungarians & Romanians.

Anyone studying genealogy >from Transylvania should find this an interesting account that gives a rich flavor of the life and times spanning several generations.

Families discussed are: SIMON (Saros, Nagyvarad, Budapest, Alsórákos), SZUSZMANN (Saros, Galicia), RINDAUER (Lipótszentmiklós), MAHLER (Nagyvarad, Marghita), HERTZFELD (Nagyvárad), GYULAI, URAI (Kissebes), KONDOR (Nagyvarad), SEBESSY (Kolozsvár),

I hope you'll come visit my site.

Paul Linhardt
Monterey, CA

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