Need Help Reading A Postcard #romania

Henry <henry@...>

Hi All,

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can read the postcard (below, click on
link) and type it in as it appears in the letter. If you are able to
translated the letter into English please translated it for me as well.

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

SCHWARTZ - Nyiregyhaza [Hu] - Sarospatak [Hu](Saros-Kis-Patak,
MARKOVICS - Csabanyivka [Ukr](Bacso, Bacovo, Bacsava, Batchive, Chabanivka,
Csabanyivka) - Kljacsanovo [Ukr] (Klacsano, Klacana, Klitshanif)
BECKERMAN - Lublin [Po]
FRUCHTER - Borsa - Bukavina [Ro]
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