Hungarian speakers? #romania

Rosanne D. Leeson <leeson1@...>

Dear ROM-SIGgers,

JewishGen has received an extremely large pacquet of materials >from the
US Holocaust Museum dealing with Tirgu Mares. As the materials are
Holocaust-related the data entry will be done by the very experienced
and able team which has worked on the other Holocaust databases for
JewishGen. Ultimately, when the database is completed, the links will
also be connected to both the ROM-SIG and the H-SIG.

However, these lists are also problematical. The deportation list is
sometimes dark and hard to read although it is typed. The problem is
that it is misleading re. women--first names are not given for married

The other one is a ghetto list. Again, the problem is the
identification of the women. In this case, however, women are listed by
maiden names, but if they are married, it is thus not possible to link
them to their spouses and children.

We may need the assistance of a person fluent in Hungarian to assist in
how to construct the template in case there is some way to add to the
identification of the female's family.

If any of you are capable and willing to work with the Holocaust data
entry team on these lists please contact Nolan Altman, the Project
Coordinator, directly at:

Thank you!
Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA USA

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