Romanian Military Archives #romania

Artur Hecht <artur_1@...>

Since there were a number of enquiries, and it may be that the email
address I have given is no longer valid see:

and what seems to be the present email address: drp@...

I think that the snail mail addresses are still valid, but I do not
know whether the directors are still the same.

My initial correspondence was in English, but later I continued in Romanian
via snail mail

Colonel Alexandru Osca
Chief of the Romanian Military
Archives The Ministry of National Defense
The Romanian Military Archives
Drumul Taberei 9-11
Bucuresti, Sector 6
Tel./fax 01-410.74.05

Colonel Valentin Stancu
Ministerul Apararii Nationale
Directia Relatii Publice
Str. Izvor 13-15, sector 5,
Bucuresti, Romania
Tel./Fax 00401 410 68 76

Artur Hecht

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