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Dear Max: I have searched and researched. I know >from stories told to me by my
father, alav hashlom, that Kreuzberg was an intense "Yiddish shtat" with its
rav, perhaps shtat rabbiner (official government rav). They were close to the
rabbanim of Dvinsk. >from his description of life people knew each other in a
very deep way. It leads me to the belief that skui had to do with a group who
was drawn to the mystical stories of forest life. the stories of yehudah
hachasid, one of shneur zalman of Ladi's mentors.

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Dear Harry,

I am originally >from Latvia and my paternal family is >from Courland.
I have no information about your family. Here, however are some corections.

The German name of the town is Kreuzburg, and the Latvian name of the same
Krustpils. Skuja means a pine needle or a conifer needle. It is a very
name, not general used by Jews.

Sorry I have nothing more to contribute. Good luck in your search.

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Does anyone have any information on family named skui or skuja. they lived
krupspil or kreizburg.

Harry (zvi)sky

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