Re: ROM-SIG session in Jerusalem - updated information #romania

Bob Wascou <rwascou@...>

Hi ROM-SIGgers,

I have been informed that we have to change our
registration information online in order to have the
ROM-SIG meeting. To do this you need to go to and go to the
"online registration forms" and then double click on
the second choice: "Updating registration and tourist
services forms." >from there, there is a page that
asks for password and email address. The password was
sent with an email acknowledging that one has
registered and that a receipt will be coming by mail
soon. When you get to the page with all the SIGs on
it, you just have to tick off the SIG-ROM meeting.
Please do this as soon as possible.

I you have not registered yet indicate the ROM-SIG
(SIG-ROM) meeting on the form when you register.

Note that they have listed ROM-SIG wrong on their
form. They list it as SIG-ROM.

Bob Wascou
Kishinev Vital Records Project Coordinator.

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