Genealogical Gold - Part 3 of 3 #romania


There were other parts of the trip that were significant as well. The visit
to the archives where I was able to touch the original signatures of my great
grandfathers was but one. When I arrived at the Archives, I was told that
the acceptance of my visit to the Archives had been confirmed by mail. It did
not matter to me whether it had been or not - I got in. The lady in charge was
extremely nice, helpful, and knowledgeable - especially about the regional

My guide was incredible. He had done the research into the
important sites prior to my arrival, contacted everyone, and made everything
very easy. I found him through a Rom-Sig referral, and then, when I
spoke to someone at Shtetlshleppers, they had also had positive experience with
him. After leaving Romania, I went on to Paris while my daughter jumped over to
London. I was in Paris for a day when my camera, with the disk with all of my
Romania photos, was stolen. I was absolutely devastated. I emailed my guide
that night (internet cafes are everywhere), and by return email, he agreed to
go to Ramnicu Sarat, and take pictures of everything for me. I have photos of
every seat in the synagogue in RS that had a name on it. I will be posting
those names within the next week so that everyone with roots to RS may be able
to share.

He also met with the representative of the Jewish Community of Romania, and
instructed them to clean up the cemetery in RS. using the funds I had left
with him for that purpose. Two days ago, he emailed me confirmation that
the cleanup was due to start within the next week or so. The grass will be
cut, the brush and thorn bushes will be removed. He is also going go to RS so
that he can confirm to me that the work has indeed been done.

SO, this trip had all of the excitement of discovery of genealogical gold,
the tragedy of the loss of all of my 'evidence', and the incredible thrill of
having a new found friend go out of his way to ensure that I had the most
important family information securely in my hands.

I thank my friends at Rom-Sig who sent me information about their trips so
that I could be somewhat prepared for mine; and for the referrals;
and to Shtetlshleppers, who, in spite of my planning my own solo trip, gave
me some sound advice as well.

And to each of you, I wish you success at finding your own genealogical gold!!

Les Berman
Los Angeles

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