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I am trying to find a town in Romania, listed on my grandparents' immigration
papers as "Birton" (or, "Biertan"), Romania. I have not been able to find
anything close to that name. Perhaps the Romanian (or Moldavan) name was a lot
different. Perhaps "Birton" was as close a transliteration as U.S. immigration
authorities could get to whatever my grandfather told them in 1921, when he
entered the U.S.

Using the D-M sounds-like search, I came up with the following town names;
I don't know if they're the same -- they are sort of a stretch:

1. Vertiujeni, Moldova
2. Borodino, Bessarabia
3. Borodyan / Baradne, Bessarabia

Here's all I know about Birton. My g/parents lived in Ukraine (Vinnitsya Oblast),
not far >from Moldava and Romania. In order to immigrate to the US in the 1920s,
they left the Ukraine and established Romanian citizenship, according to my g/f,
in a town named "Birton" Romania (on his naturalization papers) and "Biertan"
on the ship's manifest upon entry to the U.S.

All their papers state they lived in a town named Birton or Biertan, after
fleeing Ukraine for Romania in 1919 or 1920. I would surmise that this town
was rather close to the border of either Moldava or Ukraine. The town should
also be near a river; because my uncle remembers crossing a river that was a
border between the two countries or regions then.

If you think you have any info that relates to this, I would be eager to hear
about it. Thanks.

Charles Millman
JGFF researcher #3411
Plymouth Meeting PA
12 May 2005


CERNER, CHERNER (Bershad, Ukraine); GANSKY (Bershad, Ukr; Olgopol Ukr.);
CHARNIS (Bershad Ukr); KOLKER (Romanifka, Ukr.) -- Vinnitsya Oblast;
Philadelphia PA.

MELAMED, MILMED, MILMAN, MILLMAN (Vahknovka, Kiyev; Philadelphia PA);
WALDMAN (Volyn, west Ukr or Poland); ROSENBLUM (Buffalo NY; Philadelphia PA).

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