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Dan Kraft <dan@...>

Dear all
I subscribed to ROMSIG just 10 days ago, and I am amazed with the initiative
and the perspectives of being in touch with people like me, that due to the
war, had their families managing to live in other countries, but never
forgetting their roots.

I am preparing the gen tree of my family to send to the website, and I'd
like to introduce myself and my family to this web community.
My grand father, Heinrich Kraft, lived in Czernovitz and worked at the
family's wheat mill in Radauti. My father, Dan Kraft, was born in Dornesti
in 1936, and they all fled to Israel in 1940, part of the family also having
gone to Paris. They're all gone already, however me and my sister, Adele,
are gathering documents and information, considering that the Krafts lived
in Bukovina for at least 150 years, according to my records. I am not sure
about the family's name before the Romanian treaty with the Austrian empire,
that obliged jewish families to adopt German surnames. I am curious about

My first question to the group is, however, not related to genealogy, but to
recovering Romanian citizenship, as son of a Romanian born person. Although
I was born in Brazil, in 1965, which was the final destination of my family
in 1947, I understand that, the least we can do, is to get back the right to
be part of that national community. Having a Romanian passport would be the
first step, especially due to the EU perspective. Would anyone have tips,
news, reference to websites, immigration laws, etc, that could help?
With warmest greetings and thankfully,
Dan Markus Kraft, Esq.
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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