Looking for ALTERESKO (ALTERESCU) #romania

Stephenson <graysgrandma@...>

I am researching my grandmother's family. I was told that they were from
Bucharest, Romania. She was born about 1880. I have a cousin who is now 81
years old. She remembers that her mother (my grandmother's sister)
mentioned that they came >from a small city outside of Bucharest. I looked
on maps and found there was a city named Popesti-Leordeni. Is anyone
familiar with this city? I tried finding information about the city through
Google, but the web sites were in Romanian language. Can anyone help me
with finding out more info on Popesti? I would also like to know if
ALTERESKO (ALTERESCU) was a common name for that area.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
Barbara Stephenson
Athens, GA

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