Introduction; New book... #romania


Hello Rom-Siggers,

I am new to your SIG, although a subscriber for ages at H-SIG.
Born in Oradea, my family's background rests mostly within that
area - at least that of the few members I knew.

For those of you who are also researching family >from Oradea,
there is a new book that may be of interest to you - the English
version of Terez Mozes's memoirs, which includes a detailed
description of Oradea's pre-war life, as well as ghetto life,
deportations, her concentration camp experience along with other
Oradean women, and post liberation life in the city. The book
was published by the University of Calgary Press under the title,
"Staying Human Through the Holocaust" and is a translation of her
original book "Beverzett kotablak",previously published in Hungarian
and Romanian in Romania.

Susan Geroe
San Diego, CA

Researching: SIMONOVITS, AUERHAHN, SCHEINER(Nadworna, Bardejov, Bushtyna),
KLEIN (Pier, Marghita), CZEIGER (Wien, Pier, Marghita, Tasnad)

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