Lecture by Romania's Foreign Minister #romania

Sam Wolff <baalh@...>

This message is slightly off-topic, but I believe that
it will be of interest to ROM-SIGers.

I just returned >from a lecture at Hebrew University
bythe Foreign Minister of Romania, Dr. Mihai Razvan
Ungureanu. The title of his presentation was Facing
History: Romania and the Holocaust (cf.
http://sicsa.huji.ac.il/02calend.html). The
presentation, in perfect English, was, in my opinion,
brilliant. What is important to know is that Dr.
Ungureanu, who is 36 years old, received his Ph.D.
from Iasi University in Jewish Studies. The future of
Romania bodes well with people like Dr. Ungureanu in charge.

Sam WOLFF, Jerusalem (formerly Chicago)
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