Re: GANS family from Dragomiresti #romania

Moshe & Esther Davis <davis@...>

Does anybody have information regarding a GANS family >from
Dragomiresti (it was called also known as Dragomerfalva).
Baila GANS was born to Yosef Yom Tov GANS and Malka MALEK
in about 1893. He was the son of Yoel Leib GANS.
There are a number of references to both the GANZ and MALIK
families in the article about Dragomiresti (Dragomerfalva) in Sefer

See online translation project for Sefer Marmaros in progress at:

(The article on Dragomiresti has not yet been translated. Maybe
you'd be interested in sponsoring the translation, Moishe?)

Moshe Davis

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