Researching last name: KLAMMER(CLAMER) #romania

Avi K. <israeli@...>

Hello there,

I am researching my paternal grandather's & great-grandfather's last name
originally: Klammer ("converted" in Romania, into the Romanian form:
Clamer), a name which is of an Austrian extract (owing to my
geat-grandfather that my research is about & who was >from the area of
Gurahumor(ul/ului) or even Vienna (Wien).

Facts are following: my father was born in Iasi, Romania. His father (my
grandfather) Solomon "Didica" Klammer (or Clamer) was also born in Romania
(City?!?). However, my father's grandfather of Austrian
(Austro-Hungarian?!?) extraction (my great-grandfather) Philip Klammer has
moved >from Austria or AustroHungary to Romania (>from unknown reason-which I
am trying to find out...).

I kindly ask that & invite anybody with similar researched information
(circumstances, names, area) to contact me & inform about possible family

Sincere thanks,

Mr. Avishalom (Avi) Klammer
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