Romania Trip- Galatz/Galati - 2 #romania


Galatz/Galati -

We met our wonderful guide/translator who had made all the arrangements for
us to visit with the Presidents of each Jewish Community we were visiting.

The President of Galati showed me the three burial books they have. The
first contains records >from 1902-1940, the second >from 1941-1967 and the third

The President then showed me a beautiful Golden Book for the Jewish Hospital
of Galati, inscribed by Queen Mary on May 27,1903. There are several names
of prominent Jews who donated funds to the hospital. I did find a Marcu
WEINTRAUB, who may indeed be my ggf. I did manage to take some photos of names and
will slowly post what I have, in the near future. I did locate many WEINTRAUB
names in the cemetery books. The synagogue, also has many items, light
fixtures for one example, that have donations listed on them.

My understanding was that there were no surviving records of Jewish births
or marriages in the synagogue, however the city does have records. The bad
news, they are difficult to obtain.

I did inquire about Cemetery records, and was once again referred to the
Federation of Jewish Communities >from Romania for assistance in placing orders.

The Choral Synagogue in Galati is absolutely beautiful. If I understood
correctly, money was raised to restore it >from abroad, only to have the
earthquake cause new damage. Still it probably is one of our favorite synagogues.
The Jewish community is now down to approximately 200 Jews. There are
approximately 20 Jewish youth who meet for lessons and a youth group.

I'd also like to mention that there is a lovely woman named Mrs. Geller who
runs their Meals on Wheels and small kosher restaurant/elderly meeting place.
She was really wonderful and very welcoming. The synagogue compound also
houses 3 dogs and one cat who adore Mrs. Geller.

For any more details, please contact me directly.
Best wishes,
Desiree Gil
Boston, MA

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