Bessarabia Duma List Project Completed #romania

Terry Lasky <tlasky@...>

The Bessarabia Duma List Project is now completed. Another 55,000+
names have been added bringing the total to 128,000 names. The
Bessarabia Duma project is a listing of all men over the age of 24 who
were eligible to vote in the 1906 and 1907 Bessarabian Duma Election.
It includes all of Moldova and portions of the Ukraine (Black Sea area
and the area along the northern border of Moldova). This database is a
part of the ALL-ROMANIAN database. Many people worked on this project
but I would specifically like to thank Harry Green, Claire Stuart and
Leslie Oberman who were the "superstars" of this effort and did the
majority of the work. I would also like to thank Jewishgen for all of
their support and especially Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias.

Terry Lasky
Project Lead
Colorado, USA

MODERATOR NOTE: We cannot thank Terry enough. We certainly need more like him. If
you want to volunteer to head up a project, please contact our research coordinator,
Bob Wascou.(rwascou@...)

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