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Hello, dear colleagues!

After the update >from our dear co-ordinators regarding the National
Archives of Romania (July 2005 to this mailing list under the title: "Las
Vegas report and important announcements!", I sat down and wrote a letter
to those archives.

I wrote in English with all the details needed and sent it by fax,
according to the instructions given in the mentioned message. The fax was
sent to the main offices of the archives in Bucharest, regarding two areas
of interest: Galati and Cluj (and specifically the village of Huedin)
For make it clear, I specifically asked for BMD records of specific persons
- >from the second half of the 19th century >from Galati, and >from the
1850s-1920s >from Cluj.

The answer >from Galati
A week after the fax was sent to Bucharest, the director of the Galati
branch sent me a letter in Romanian. The letter said that my request has
been recieved and they will be glad to help me WHEN I COME TO THE RESEARCH
ROOM in their Galati branch!

The answer >from Cluj
The director of the Cluj branch sent me a letter in English about a month
after sending the fax. In it, he says that they found nothing regarding my
request, and that the material I'm looking for, might be found in the Town
Hall of Huedin. He gave me the exact address and to whom I may write my
letter, and so I did, just a few days ago.

I'll be glad to hear more reviews as for your experience with the Romanian
archvies as for requests sent after the update we've got.

Arnon Hesrhkovitz, Israel

MODERATOR NOTE: There is nothing writ in stone about the Archives and their
reponses! Caveat emptor!!

HERSHKOVITZ: Galati, Romania -> Israel (1882), some left to the Egypt, USA=
France, South Africe, Australia;
JACOBSON: Pinsk, Belarus -> Israel (1880s);
GOLDBERG: =3F -> Jerusalem (1st mid 19th cen=2E), some left to USA, Paris;=
LIBMAN: Kuzmin & Krasilov, Ukraine (Volhynia Gub=2E) -> Israel (1920s);=20=

SCHREIER: Orinin, Ukraine (PodoliaGub=2E) -> Israel (1920s), Russia, USA;=20=

TROP: Vilnius, Lithuania -> Israel (mid 19th century);
BRUMBERG: Kuzmin, Ukraine (Volhynia Gub=2E) -> Cuba, USA (1900s);

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