Goldingen/Kuldiga #courland #latvia

Sue Levy <slevy@...>

I am thrilled that the synagogue building in Goldingen is being restored and
that it will contain a memorial to the lost community.

If only the same could be done with the former Summer Synagogue building in
Ventspils that was, when we saw it in 2006, being used as a factory / body
shop. We could only identify it by the distinctive windows at the top of the
fa├žade, which appeared to be original. We were rudely chased off by the
occupants when we took photos >from the gateway, and felt desperately sad
about the whole business.

Sue Levy
Perth, Australia

GUTMAN (Jaunjelgava, Ventspils), WEINER (Jaunjelgava, originally >from Birzh,
Lithuania), WESTERMAN (Jaunjelgava)

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