tombstones from Hasenpoth [Aizenpot] #courland #latvia

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

I have come into possession of some 17 photos of tombstones in the Hasenpoth
[Aizpute] cemetery. The names are BLUMBERG, DANZIGER, CAHN, FRIEDMANN, WEINBERG,
BERNER [LEVY], FEINBERG, MICHELSOHN, LIPMAN and a gorgeous tombstone, unfortunately
mostly unreadable, for Shlomo ben Moshe who lived a very long and illustrious life.
If any of these might be your family, I would be more than happy to pass them on
with a translation. I am trying to get ahold of the rest of the photos, so soon
there may be more, in which case I will let you know.

Martha Lev-Zion

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