ships from roumania #romania

malcolm katz <malkikatz9361@...>

Hello to everyone
Ive been overwhelmed by the response to the original
enquiry about ships leaving Roumania,The query came
about by my bubba telling me she was born at sea,which
made a channel hop unlikley.Of the many reply's heres
what i know.The vast majority went overland by train
to austria/germany >from there across to
Hamburg,Bremen,Antwerp,Cherbourg,Le Havre,and then
onto London,liverpool,Hull or Grimsby.
The intresting routes are by ship >from Port Constanta
and Turkish ports across the med via Gibralter out
across the Atlantic to the French ports,Southampton or
the US.So maybe bubba wasnt making it up?

Many thanks for the replies
Malcolm Katz
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