Re: COHEN, GOLDENBERG, CREIMER, BLUM from Novoselitsa #romania

Moshe & Esther Davis <davis@...>

Hi, I am researching on my family. I would like to know if someone
has information concerning the people who lived specially in
Novoselitsa (Novoselitz), Romania, now Ukraine, specially Yanchel
Volicovici COHEN who married Esther Beila CREIMER.
There are a number of different towns which carried the name
Novoselitsa. Are you certain that the one that you are interested in
was in *Romania* and now in Ukraine? There is a town
Novoselitsa that was located in the former Austro-Hungarian county
of Marmaros, at 4807 N, 2346 E. The town was known in
Hungarian as Taracujfalu.

When the Marmaros region was broken up after WW1, the
southern part was given to Romania, and the northern part
(including Novoselitsa) was given to Czechoslovakia. After WW2,
this Czechoslovakian part of Marmaros was taken by the USSR,
and now it is part of the Republic of Ukraine.

There is a full-page article about this Novoselitsa in the Marmaros
Yizkor Book, which has not as yet been translated as part of the
ongoing translation project:

Moshe Davis

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