Czernowitz - Cernauti reunion #romania

Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

A group of former inhabitants of Czernowitz (Cernauti)
and descendants of Czernowitzers are planning a meeting in
Chernivsti Ukraine to be held >from May 18 till May 25 2006.
This meeting to be named "Czernowitz Reunion 2006"
Attendance is open to everyone.

Anyone interested in the "Czernowitz Reunion 2006"
Please send e-mail to Miriam (Mimi) Reifer Taylor

A yahoo group named "czernowitz2006" has been set up
for information and communications purposes.
To join the czernowitz2006 yahoo group:
please send a message (an empty message is OK)
to "".
Yahoo will send you a confirmation email.
To reply to the confirmation email:
click on "reply" and "send" in your email program.
That's all it takes to join.

Miriam Taylor
Bloomington Indiana
MODERATOR NOTE: This mention of a newsgroup is allowed because its purpose is only
for this event.

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