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Sorin Goldenberg <SorinG@...>

This topic was addressed before, however I could not find yet
satisfactory answers, so I would like to raise this topic again.

It is known that a substantial percentage of Romanian jews have got
there during the 19th century >from Poland, Russia, etc. Those jews
brought with them their regular Ashkenazi surnames. Romanian jews were
called x sin y, or had Romanian names usually denoting ocupation
(Croitoru Cojocaru etc...).

Now my questions:

1. A simple one: is Sin a Romanian word or a derivate of the Yidish sohn
2. Did you know of jews having the regular Ashkenazi surnames stop using
them and going back to the old way in Romania ?
3. Was there any chance of Romanian authorities in late 1800s, start of
1900s using only the x sin y although a real Ashkenazi but not Romanian
surname existed ? And the surname was kept in the family and
reintroduced ?
4. A most peculiar observation: Performing searches for surnames via
jewishgen; specifically looking at Tabele Barbatilor (20000 names
database >from 1942). If you seek a regular Ashkenazi surname - you get
answers >from all over Romania. However, if you seek for sin y surname,
most of the answers are >from Botosani (my home town). I've performed
searches for some common sin Y names and the pattern appeared. Any idea
why ?


Sorin Goldenberg,


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