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Sam Wolff <baalh@...>

Dear ROM-SIGers,

I just finished reading two recent books on the
Fusgeyers, those Jews who left Romania on foot in
order to arrive at various European ports on their way
to North America in the early 1900's, those books
being Jill Culiner, *Finding Home*[Moderator Note: Available at the JewishGen Mall]
and Stuart Tower, *The Wayfarers*. I am not sure if my relatives who left
Romania at this very time were fusgeyers or not. I
suspect that my Sephardi Romanian relatives were not,
since participation seems to have been an Ashkenazi
phenomenon, but my grandfather who left Braila at this
time might have been one. This is hardly the point,
however. What these books succeeded in doing, one
perhaps more so than the other, is to provide the
historical background concerning the phenomenon of
mass emigration- what circumstances caused the Jewish
population to up and leave in such large numbers at
this time.

I would be interested in hearing >from others who have
read these books to see if we agree about their
relative genealogical and entertainment value. If the
moderator prefers that we do this off list, feel free
to contact me privately. [MODERATOR NOTE: Please do this privately. Messages to the
List will not be published.]

Sam WOLFF, Jerusalem (formerly Chicago)

researching HARAVON and AMADO, Craiova; WOLFF, Braila; LIGIER, Bulgaria; SACHS, Prussia/Baltimore; SCHWEITZER, Russia/Chicago; FEIBEL, Germany; GOROVOY, Belarus/Chicago; BASKIN, Pinsk/Chicago; ROJESKY, Ukraine/Minneapolis; GORDON, Russia/Minnesota; KOSSOWER/KASSOWER/KAUFMAN and BERLEWI, Nowy Dwor, Poland/Chicago and TUCHTEN, Bucharest/Chicago.

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