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malkajef <malkajef@...>

I would like to add an additional question.

My mother was a Goldenberg whose family came >from Rumania and I recently
found out >from a recently discovered distant cousin that the family really
came >from Belarus via Odessa. In my own separate research I discovered that
the vast majority of families named Goldenberg seemed to come >from Romania
with about 20% >from elsewhere, mostly Russia.

So, because Yiddish was very entrenched in Romania and that is where the
Yiddish theater grew, the question arose in my mind about the possibility
that Gold-"en"-berg is a "Yiddishified" version of Goldberg, the more common
surname found outside Romania and rarely found in Romania.

Probably pure imagination on my part, but I thought to ask.

Jeff Malka

Sorin Goldenberg wrote:

It is known that a substantial percentage of Romanian jews have got
there during the 19th century >from Poland, Russia, etc. Those jews
brought with them their regular Ashkenazi surnames. Romanian jews were
called x sin y, or had Romanian names usually denoting ocupation
(Croitoru Cojocaru etc...).
Now my questions:
1. A simple one: is Sin a Romanian word or a derivate of the Yidish
sohn (sien).
2. Did you know of jews having the regular Ashkenazi surnames stop
using them and going back to the old way in Romania ?
3. Was there any chance of Romanian authorities in late 1800s, start
of 1900s using only the x sin y although a real Ashkenazi but not Romanian
surname existed ? And the surname was kept in the family and reintroduced

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